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tv   9 News Now at 6pm  CBS  April 13, 2010 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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weapons and the materials are available on the black market. the white house wants the international help to cut off the smuggling channel and to lock down the dangerous superiors. well monday traffic was okay during the nuclear security summit. tuesday, not so much. bruce leshan is live downtown. bruce, what happened? >> reporter: i think that a lot of people, they watched our coverage on monday. they saw that traffic was not too bad. and they decided to come downtown. that has made things awful down here. they are actually about a dozen police officers there, directing traffic here at massachusetts and 11th street. it is still not good. the president, they just blew out of the convention center. and he headed back in his motorcade to the white house. and even that has not been much relief. >> reporter: they were already news worthy.
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authorities called in a bomb- sniffing dog to make sure it was an improvised e employeesive device. >> they are kind of making something up. not in dc. >> not in that area. >> you know, where the traffic is very low. >> reporter: some pedestrians have had enough. even after a bicyclist was killed by a national guards truck on monday, this woman, barged right through. everyone knew that the summit was coming, but some neighbors are still surprised by the intensity of it this security. >> the bad part of that is people that are from here. and so, i'm feeling like a stranger in my own city. >> reporter: but the risk of the nuclear tax has gone up. >> reporter: but still the goals of this summit have most of us willing to deal with a little traffic. >> but to be an inconvenience,
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it's a good thing. >> police officers are getting a little froes straited, a little tire -- frustrated, a little tired. people will be very happy at 8:00 when the streets finally reopen, lesli? >> all right, bruce, thank you for that. dc police and the national guardsman are investigating the fatal crash. about the contract moving into the intersection at new york avenue in 12th street. that truck was pulling into position to help block the traffic for the motorcade, heading to the summit. he was a painter and a veteran journalist for the federal association of the advancement of the science magazine. >> i think that everyone is just stunned. and they are just grieving in their own personal ways. >> the unique personality and an absolutely wonderful reporter. a gifted oil painter, and a funny compassionate woman.
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>> her husband refused to talk today. the commanding general issued a statement that said in part, folks, we are all saddened by the accident. our thoughts and prayers go out to her family, friends, and coworkers. for more now on the evening rush all around the area, we turn to them. >> well, lesli, as you can see behind me, downtown dc, they continue to be a tough spot to navigate. a lot of traffic as you heard from bruce earlier. of course, watch out for the bikers and pedestrians. a lot of people are walking. metro is still closed at this hour. expect to see this over the next few hours. moving onto the real-time map. another spot that we're seeing a lot of traffic, especially with the motorcades heading out to the airport. very slow between vienna and metro. the average speed that we're looking at here. about 40 to 45 minutes. just between here and metro at
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123. also the dulles access road will be very heavy tonight. we'll wrap it up here on the american legion as you can see on the capitol beltway, a crawl in both directions. not having the situation to make sure to take it slow and click on the head lites so everyone could see you. back to you. >> all right. new tonight, metro suspending two employees without pay. no injuries, just the truck was damaged. a couple of tragedies as they said the train officer and the person involved violated the standard operating procedure. the former president of the woodbridge high school crew association is in some hot waters tonight. the 40-year-old, is accused of using the organization's credit cards to purchase new kitchen cabinets. they were released on the $10,000 bond and due in court on june 30.
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thomas says that the teachers were let to go to see that budget pressure. the number used to come up with the $46 million school figures wering wrong. calling the teacher's firings uncomparable. well police are looking for the man who they say raped a 22- year-old woman. it happened just a few blocks east of the king street. the man grabbed the victim saying he did not injure her, forcing her into an alley. we're told that woman is now recovering from the attack. meanwhile, they have put women on the area on the alert. >> and i feel like that is something for them like a freak incident. i do hope that, you know, people are more careful. >> we just need to try to do
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that as best as we can. if you want to take your headphones off when you will be in route and to have your cell phone, using your hands. just be aware of your surroundings. >> police do not have a detailed area for them. they are hoping that anyone with information about the case will come forward. we continue to follow the man hunt in alexandria. police are looking for the 43- year-old. police say that he stabbed his 3-year-old daughter and her mother. as murders happened on sunday morning. they have been married at some point. drilling without a license. they have charged two people with running an unlicensed dental practice out of the basement of the house in falls church. investigators, they say that the patient supported the suspect after they underwent a
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root canal and became infected. they face charges on the 48- year-old rodriguez. and the 54-year-old. the defense attorneys say that rodriguez was a licensed dentist in columbia before he came to the united states. a police chief speaks out again. two officers have issued the beating of the university of the maryland student following a big basketball game. you'll hear what the chief had to say. plus, a sheriff deputy in trouble of using his taser inappropriately on a victim. 73 yesterday. we're in the upper 40s, the low 50s today. we'll take you out with live doppler. still a fairly light rain in the metro area. the heaviest activity is out to the east. south of annapolis out there. and eventually across the bay. we'll take a closer look at doppler. we'll come back and talk about when we will dry out and warm up. the full forecast is next.
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church over the homosexuality, theology, and valuable property. nine churches flipped after an openly gay bishop was ordained. now, they are fighting before the virginia supreme court to keep their property. stay with us.
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to that beating of the university of maryland student that was caught on here. this is the latest version of that tape and the most clear version of the attack on the student, jack, released by his lawyer yesterday, showing him walking to the lineup of the police forces trying to clear a rowdy crowd. but he is unarmed and once down, he said at least a dozen times with the night stick, his lawyer, they are also releasing the photos of their injuries. here is what they had to say about what they saw on the tape. >> 30 seconds that i saw on the tape. i have not seen the perfect behavior. i don't know why they were taunting the horses. i don't know what he was saying. and if he was talking to the horses, then you know, that's inappropriate. it does not justify what we saw at this point. i think it is very disappointing. >> reporter: the versions of this attack have been posted on youtube on 9news two days after the area.
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meanwhile, the charges have been dropped. now that it is clear, the situation, they were the other way around. scott broom, 9news now. >> all right, scott. all of the bodies of the 29 west virginia coalminers killed have been recovered. a cause behind that april 5th bloc will be unknown. and they have been set to the state's medical examiner for the autopsy. and an 11-year-old was found alive four days after she went
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missing. they are the form of autopsy. they were found in an alligator swamp. dehydrated the bikes from head to toe. the doctors say that they are still in pretty good shape. we all know that deputies use the tasers a in the time. you don't hear them using the weapons on the coworkers until now. and caught on tape, the video of the county woman using the taser on the fellow deputy that you see right there, chasing the female deputy while on duty with the taser gun. and he zapped her on her rear end. the deputy, they received the warnings for his actions. here is some video that we just have to show you again. this child is 3 years old.
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just proof that she's walking the tight rope, 29 feet in the air above 600 siberian tigers. the safety wire keeps them from dropping to their mouths. but she is blown from the tight rope by the gust of wind. i don't know. i just don't know that. >> i don't think so. >> no, that's kind of goofy. >> as soon as she comes from the family of the acrobats. >> yeah, i would hope so. >> i don't think that they get that idea to walk across the tight rope. >> i doubt it. >> i don't think so either. that's all we have to show again. >> it is pretty amazing. >> yeah, a little scary. 58 is the high today, lesli. that's what goes into the books. that's what occurred early this morning. the daytime high is only around 50. 23 degrees cooler today. we took a step back to march. bringing a step forward out there. here is the forecast first now. e temperatures in the low 60s. now, we may have some clouds to start. but it will finish strong tomorrow.
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then the low 70s on thursday. beautiful out there. and mid-70s on friday. great, yes, we have a couple of drops there. a couple of showers possibly late. and it will not ruin the entire day by any means. tonight, mostly cloudy, light rain and drizzle will end. not until after midnight though. low temperatures in the 40s. and they are northeasterly at about 10. let me show you live doppler. you can access this on the web on and we do see kind of the northern edge of the precipitation kind of working their way further now. south of frederick and hagerstown, they will check that back into hagerstown now. everything moving from the northwest to the southeast. kind of on the intersection of the river, sort to speak. we have light to moderate rain. pretty much down i-95. and up 270. and we'll zoom in a little bit. light to moderate activity around the beltway at this hour. out towards bethesda and also downtown. the heaviest activity by far to the east. you know, a lot of activity going out there, out towards wisconsin avenue and new hampshire. but just, you know, light to
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occasionally moderate. we'll move east though. we do see the heavier activity to the south of 50. and about to cross over the bay now. right around chesapeake beach, and that is crossing over the bay into the eastern shore. the heaviest activity that we could find. back to the temperatures we go. upper 40s everywhere. 48 in frederick. 52 in fredericksburg. but back to the west, check this out. 45 in cumberland. 37 in oakland. i'm telling you that it is a different world in oakland. they have the sail out there for alaska. now tomorrow morning, becoming partly cloudy and chilly. 40s and 50s. winds are northeasterly at 10. good news is by the afternoon, the winds should go light. a little drier air moves in. partly cloudy, a bit milder. that's what we mean. finishing strong. and the high of 60 to 65. all six zones on our website on and even oakland will make it into the 60s tomorrow. even after their 30s and 40s
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today. the mid-60s for culpepper. 60s for manassas. even over towards the bay, low 60s. winds tomorrow night a factor. no advises on the bay. the next seven days, low 60s tomorrow, becoming partly cloudy. low 70s on thursday. the mid-70s on friday. yes, we have a shower. pushing it off to the evening hours or overnight. and it will cool us off. but we have cleaned up on saturday. back to partly cloudy skies. and 60 on sunday. temperatures start moving up again. the mid-60s on monday with sunshine next tuesday with temperatures approaching 70. >> all right, topper. and still the big question now, who will be the number one goal tender for the playoffs? >> yeah. because they have two good ones. perhaps neither one, a great one. but two really good ones. and the coach, they have picked his man between the pipes. he's going to be a guy that has been around the block in montreal a few times. he gets the job done. plus, a major announcement about beards and some harsh
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words from terry bradshaw from ben roethlisberger. hear them on 9news sports next. [ beeping ] ♪ my country ♪ 'tis of thee ♪ sweet land ♪ of liberty ♪ of thee i sing [ laughs ] ♪ oh, land ♪ where my fathers died ♪ land of the pilgrims' pride ♪ from every mountainside ♪ let freedom ring
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now, he gets to go back to montreal as a capitol. and sarah walsh has the latest on their big goalie decision. >> first, they confirmed today what everyone hassing long suspected -- hassing long suspected -- has long suspected. the trash talking has begun. he told a montreal newspaper that it is not as though we're up against all of them or miller. they don't have a dominant goal tender. >> they are facing all of them. they will take his record to
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the last 23 games over those two guys. >> i try not to read into it too much. and like i say, you know, it's easy for tonight to say that they have two of the best goalies. >> even though that this is their third straight posting for them. the expectations have changed dramatically. >> we'll go from hoping to make the playoffs to make those playoffs there. and i think that maybe they need to expect to make them a very long round in the championships. >> one of the concerning notes for them. they were not back out on the ice. they told us that they are ill and they will be questionable for thursday's games. and with the capitols, sarah walsh, 9sports now. >> the playoffs are 48 hours away from beginning. so is the annual tradition of the playoff beard. as many of you know, for decades now, they have become standard procedures for the nhl players to stop shaving as long as their team remains alive in the playoffs. and what ensues is a collection of them off the unsightly beards, which cause a sharp downturn in the razor blade sales and many unwanted abrasions on the cheeks.
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and so in the tradition of many great bearded americans from abe lincoln to grant to uncle jesse. tonight, i make my own pledge of solidarity to show my support for the capitols and their quest for the stanley cup starting today. and i will grow or attempt to grow a playoff beard. and i will not shave it until the caps lose or until they hoist the stanley cup. that will be itchy, my kids will hate it. but we're willing to suffer for our hockey team. and we invite you to do the same. it won't be pretty. grow your own playoff pictures. we'll post them on lock at that guy on the right. what a hook. you can vote for your most heinous one. i intend to contend for that title. redskins mini camp starts on friday. jason campbell won't be there as he speaks the trade. he won't be there as he seeks to be the least cooperative player in football. but carter will be there, the
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defensive end that had been absent from the offseason workout, showing up at the park today. meanwhile, ben roethlisberger meeting with them in new york today. the steeler's qb will not face criminal charges for the sexual assaults and the allegations in georgia. but he could face suspensions by the league. he definitely faces a scorn of the former steelers quarterback and the hall of famer, terry bradshaw, who had this to say about big ben. >> reporter: he doesn't like me and i'm learning not to like him. he has got to realize who he is. he is an elite athlete in the national football league. this is the second time in two years. and he's got to be careful about what he does in the offseason. >> terry always tells the truth. news today that the west virginia football program is under investigation by the ncaa and could face significant penalties. the potential violations date back to rich rodriguez's tenure as the head coach there. exceeding the maximum practice
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times. rudery fez is now the head coach at michigan. home openers for the yankees today. meaning that the champs got the world series rings. the first one for alex rodriguez. the fifth one for derek jeter. the world series mvp, matt, is now with the angels. after briefly getting the cold shoulder from the yankees. look at that, they all have big hugs for hideki. a big moment for the yankees former teammate. finally tonight if you won a grown jacket at the masters, wouldn't you want to wear it everywhere? well, he apparently does. yesterday morning, this photo was snapped at a krispy kreme drive thru, ordering a dozen donuts for his family. he stressed in the media reports were for the kids and not for him. because he is slimming down these days. >> right. >> but wouldn't you wear it everywhere? >> i guess i would. >> yeah. >> i mean, i need the cams. a last look at


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